When you live in one particular area all of your life, you get to know every last detail about it really well. I've lived in Southwest Washington all of my life, growing up here, going to high school here, and raising a family here. This is such a beautiful area, and one that I take great pride in. My passion in Real Estate is introducing interested buyers and sellers to a different kind of Real Estate - one that truly places the person and their goals first. I ask and listen to my clients attentively, and build a solid relationship. To me it's more than Real Estate, because I know it's more than "just" a new house for my clients. It's a new home, and that makes it special.
Because I've lived and worked in Clark County, I have extensive knowledge of the area that many other Realtors do not. Want details about a particular neighborhood? Curious about local schools? What about a great place to get a cup of coffee? All of my area knowledge supplements my professional analysis of the home you are buying or selling, making you confident that you're getting all of my knowledge with your purchase or sale.
Diversity means a lot to me because I work with so many different type of buyers and sellers. From ghost hunters to large religious organizations, from affluent businessowners to first time home buyers, I appreciate the breadth and variety in everyone I work with. And, more often than not, I end up becoming friends with clients when we get to know each other. It's a really great thing!
Knowing how to finance a Real Estate purchase is extremely important, as there are many different options for acquiring long-term financing. One of my biggest strengths for potential buyers is my understanding of these options, which includes using the WA Bond Program or purchasing from USDA Direct. Veterans qualify for many benefits as do First-Time Homebuyers - but only if you've got a Realtor who can discuss these options with you and is comfortable going these not-so-traditional routes.
As I mentioned previously, Southwest Washington means a lot to me, and I believe in giving back to the community. I volunteered at the School for the Blind as a youth, getting the Key to the City of Vancouver at age 16. More recent activities include being elected to the La Center School Board (1995), appointed as Board Member for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library (2004-2012), assisting the Friends of La Center Library in restoring the current La Center Library, and am an active Member of Grange #48.
I really enjoy vintage things, movies, clothing, etc. One of my dreams involves fixing up my beat-up Metropolitan-Nash car (named "Fergie") so that I can drive her to appointments! I am working with my husband to restore our old farm, built in 1883. It is one of the oldest farms in Clark County.
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